St. Lorelei

St. Lorelei is a New Orleans based indie rock band with goth, dream pop, and country persuasions. All songs are written and sung by Jo Morris, who came into her music writing career later than most. She began writing original material and released an EP, Ghost Queen, in 2017 after her friend, Kristo Baricevic of Big Muddy Records in St. Louis suggested recording her solo work featuring his own band, Strange Places, at Native Sound Recording Studios. Her ethereal vocal swells drive each song, and are often compared to Dolores O’Riordan and PJ Harvey.

Joining Morris are band members Steve Walkup (drums and percussion), Alec Vance (lead guitar), Marcus Bronson (bass and backing vocals), and Philip Cooper (keyboard). 

St. Lorelei was formed in 2018 in New Orleans by Jo and Steve. The intent was to create a sound bridging some of their favorite artists such as The Breeders, Julie Cruise, Patsy Cline, and others.

Morris’ songs aren’t written for the living; her lyric inspiration often comes from imagined spectral realms and love affairs with spirits, with the exception of “Outside the Green,” written for Keanu Reeves’ character from The Matrix. When asked, she may claim that the inspiration came from a meditation on breaking through the corporeal and spiritual divide. In truth, this inspired by watching The Matrix on repeat for a week.

Their upcoming debut album, Beast, was recorded in the swamps of Louisiana by Grammy-winning sound engineer, Mark Bingham.

Look for Beast everywhere on October 30th 2020.