Changing her tonal delivery from one line to the next, Silvering turns introspective sincerity and somber exhaust into moments of emotional precision.

Shalom Toy is a master of her voice. She unwaveringly changes her tonal delivery from one line to the next to an enchanting and beautiful effect.

Silvering’s debut EP  Minefield Memory (2019) drips with heartache and is a tonal showcase of the deep well of talent and inspiration that Shalom pulls from. In the fall of 2021, Silvering will release a new single, “Same Side,” which features Chanele McGuinness and strings by Collin Dupree. A lot has happened between 2019 and now, and the salty and sweet of it all can be felt in the new track. 

‘”Same Side” touches on being honest to darker emotions that can come up in me without fear of them filling me up and never leaving,” says Shalom. “Coexisting with pain, anxiousness or anything I struggle with, not pushing it off and asking if it’s “bad that we’re on the same side?” if I start to actively look like the pain of what I am experiencing.”


Song Credits:
Strings: recorded, performed and mixed by Collin Dupree (Eisley, Wildernessa)
String Arrangement: Shalom Toy
Guitars: Shalom Toy
Vocal Featuring: Chanel McGuinness
Mixing: Chad Howat (Paper Route, The Particle Board) at The Bloom Room
Mastering: Phenix Warren at Alta Sound
Artwork: Cosmic Cavern Studio