Sexy Dex and The Fresh

Sexy Dex and The Fresh formed in New Orleans in 2014 starting with just Dexter Gilmore on guitar and vocals and Evan Cvitanovic playing drums. They’ve since added Gabrielle Washington (Synth and vocals), Andrew Landry (Bass), and Ben Buchbinder (Synth) to complete their sound, which is dreamy dance-able pop music, grabbing influences from 80’s funk reminiscent of Prince or Rick James, as well as bands like My Bloody Valentine. The band released their first EP, 665 Roses Collection, in 2015 and their first full-length, Plus One Edition, was released by Community Records in 2016.

Their latest, an EP titled Don’t Play My B-Sides, is being self-released on October 26, 2018. The name for the new EP stems from frontman Dexter Gilmore thinking about how musicians die, and how record labels try to capitalize on that death by putting out music from the artist that was never intended to be heard by anyone. “Sexy Dex and The Fresh has a ton of music that helped shape the sound of the band,” Gilmore said. “They give us good memories but are not how we would want to represent our talent and work. In my head I said ‘if I die, please don’t play my B sides.'”