My Golden Calf

Songwriter Dabney Dwelle has a habit of looking beyond the obvious. Normally a guitarist, he decided to use the limitations of an unfamiliar old Wurlitzer electric piano as a means to write. This forced him to re-imagine the line where his musical instincts and abilities met, and it was on this creative border that he first discovered the shapes his songs would take for My Golden Calf.

Now with two albums (Rituals to Make New and Perfume Brute) and five years of performing under their belts, My Golden Calf are in peak creative form. Comprised of keyboardist John Hale, drummer Karl Lundin, and bassist Gregg White, each member possesses years of musical experience in the creative melting pot of Austin, TX, and their prowess shines in their dynamic arrangements of Dabney’s songs.

My Golden Calf’s sound is diverse and powerful. While catchy hooks and melodies abound, they are never left to stagnate. Each musical idea is propelled by a forceful tide of rhythms and syncopations that take unexpected yet satisfying turns. As soon as one musical atmosphere has been fully revealed it is seamlessly linked to another, leaving the impression of a sonic mosaic. Lyrically the theme of contrast and surprise figures strongly. By recasting adages with lines like “‘I’m greased as a fiddle” and creating memorable scenes like “cashiers are looming for your gold tooth”, Dwelle writes in the vein of impressionistic masters like Jeff Tweedy and Mark Oliver Everett of The Eels.

While they have influences from bands like Spoon and Deerhunter, My Golden Calf’s ability to create dynamic rhythmic contrasts and movement while establishing adventurous and hooky melodies gives them a distinct musical character. Currently they are working on new songs in the studio and playing out around Texas.