Megan Diana

Multi-instrumentalist Megan Diana writes songs that are driven by vintage keyboards, and she loves a Wurlitzer and Fender Rhodes, especially when put through an echo pedal. She layers her lush voice in choral layers, going atmospheric at times, and then all at once back to the center of her chest in a whisper. Her music allows her to bring in her French Horn with equal parts Canadian Brass and Chet Baker (if he played the French Horn.) Some songs lean towards dark Americana noir, others clearly constructed pop. With a full band (and new pedal steel player) things have started to feel more like a western flavored Florence Welch, and have given life to her new sound: DREAM COUNTRY DISCO.

Cabin Fever” is a song, a feeling, a situation, and soon to be a full length album. After going into lockdown along with the rest of the world, but even more so by heading into the seclusion of a cabin in the middle of woods in March 2020, Megan Diana came out with an entire album worth of work in just a few short weeks. The sound palette is full of horns, pedal steel, vintage keyboards and absolute ASTRAL vocals. Lyrically the focus is on love, nature, purpose and finding meaning in the signals and symbols we create for ourselves… and realizing that the search in and of itself is the silver lining.

Look for the single, “Cabin Fever” later this October and the full length in early 2021.