Loose Koozies

Whoever suggested that a songwriter “write what they know” probably didn’t realize how closely Loose Koozies would heed their advice.

The five piece country rock outfit finds as much inspiration in the woods and open road, as they do nights at the race track and the subsequent morning after. You can hear every hangover, lost dollar and broken heart they’ve experienced.

Based in Southeastern Michigan, Loose Koozies songwriter, vocalist, and guitarist E.M. Allen sought out musicians who would serve the songs that he was writing. The idea was to keep it simple. No egos, no bullshit. Just like John Prine or Guy Clark.

What he found in pedal steel guitarist Pete Ballard, bassist Erin Davis, drummer Nick German, and lead guitarist Andrew “Mad Dog” Moran, has become one of the tightest units around. Just as Crazy Horse or the Dead before them, there is an unspoken language that flows effortlessly between the bandmates. This interconnectivity and back-to-basics approach though is something all their own.

Loose Koozies’ debut LP, Feel A Bit Free, is an 11 cut genre-bending affair that blurs the line of country, rock, Americana, and psychedelica. The album was recorded in Detroit, Michigan over the course of two summers with His Name is Alive’s Warren Defever, whose production credits include Iggy and the Stooges, Yoko Ono, Low, and Bonny Doon.

Whether stoned on the couch watching wrestling (“Forget To Think”), retiring early and getting back to basics (“Slow Down Time”) or tripping out into the cosmos (“Something To Show”), Feel A Bit Free finds the band longing to be somewhere else. The album was written during Allen’s travels across America in other touring acts, a time in which he felt the right place to be was just always one step ahead (or maybe behind…) him.

Look for the release of Feel A Bit Free on March 27, 2020, available on vinyl from Outer Limits Lounge Records and digitally everywhere