JELLY WORLD by Brianna Miller

“Brianna’s multi-layered artwork plays with pastiche elements of nostalgia and deep dives of pop culture.” – ILYSM, Jenna Elizabeth

“This dynamic illustrator makes art heavy with movie and pop culture references, as well as original bizarre characters.” – Upper Playground Gallery, Portland, Oregon

Brianna Miller is from Salem, Oregon and currently lives in Spokane, Washington. Her Sketchbooks are a tool for freely accessing memories and rendering layered visuals from the subconscious mind. Miller draws inspiration from low-budget VHS movies, kitschy cult horror, early 2000s VH-1 reality television, and classic animation style sheets.

JELLY WORLD is a collection of Miller’s sketchbook works spanning four years. Each page is a multi-layered study playing with pastiche elements of nostalgia and deep dives of pop culture, including inspiration from movies, cartoons, memories, and subconscious connection.

In addition to illustration, Miller enjoys creating creatures such as trolls and sentient mushrooms out of polymer clay. With both her 2-D and 3-D work, she aims to achieve a tangible and dimensional effect. Overlapping layers of marker, colored pencil, and pen, her goal is to focus on shared human experience: echoing how memories and thoughts are layered and abstracted.

Brianna Miller’s book, JELLY WORLD will publish via Burn Barrel Press  December 2021.