Hobbyist formed in 2013 and is wife and husband duo Holly Prindle who sings and Marc Mozga who plays guitar, drum machines, bass and melodica. Their self titled debut album was made by mix master Bill Skibbe (Pit er Pat, Adult) at Key Club Recording in Benton Harbor, MI. In January 2017 Hobbyist took up residence in Barcelona, Spain to work on material for a new album. Barcelona in the off season proved a surreal vantage point for Hobbyist to take in news from back home: A germaphobe ex- reality TV star was now president! These experiences inform their 2nd album Sonic Cramps recorded at Pallet Sound, Chicago by Michael Mac and self-released in January 2018.

In August of 2018 Hobbyist traveled to Teatr Brama in Goleniow, Poland to teach youth songwriting workshops and perform at the Human Mosaic Festival, part of the EU’s Caravan Next project. This project was partially funded by an Individual Artist Grant from the Department of Cultural Affairs and Special Events in Chicago. Hobbyist toured the USA in both directions in the winters of 2018 and ‘19. 2019 also saw the release of The Strange Curse of Hobbyist– a self made short film which follows Holly & Marc as they attempt to rid the world of the curse of a circus train wreck.

A new EP called Side Fx will be released May 22, 2020. It was recorded in their apartment on a phone during Chicago’s stay-at-home order.