Grampfather is an eclectic rock band based out of Kingston, NY, whose material traverses a variety of rock genres, such as indie, garage, punk, psych, chill, and thrash. The band is composed of James Kwapisz (guitar and vocals), Andrew Blot (lead guitar), Tony DiMauro (drums), and Jake Offermann (bass). Kwapisz started the band in 2013, bringing lively, chaotic, fun-rock to the Upstate New York basement and house show scene. The then two-piece garage rock ensemble has since evolved into a four-piece genre-whirling force. 
Although Grampfather has had members come and go throughout the years, the current line-up is dedicated to the vision, and their forthcoming fifth LP, Gramppappies, is a testament to their passion. Following Pipes (2015), Gramps of Wrath (2017), The Gramp Stamp (2019), and Magnum Grampus (2020), Gramppappies is their most realized album yet. Staying true to their essence, Grampfather’s new album wavers between abrasive rockers and chill indie vibes. As such, the album, like their live shows, is sure to keep listeners on their toes.
Look for Gramppappies everywhere on February 25th 2022.