Good In The Dark

Good In The Dark is the project of multi-instrumentalist Heather Perry, drummer Carlos J. Zapata, and guitarist Grant Goldsworthy.

Often described as disco-punk, the band’s sound has been lauded as one that’s “bound to make you want to move” (Alt Revue) with “magnificent production” (Indie Music Home) and “noise pop, traces of disco and pulsating dance [and] the edge of a post- punk band” (BuffaBLOG).

The 2017 release of their debut Rafters garnered praise in the US/UK and took the group on tour across the East Coast, MidAtlantic, Midwest, and South.

The upcoming record If You Feel It takes the band’s signature mix of grit and glam to a new level. With an expanding palette of synths, vocoder, guitar, and irresistible bass lines and beats, Good In The Dark twists elements of pop and noise to take on timely subject matter. On the manic-depressive title track Perry shouts, “Some days I feel more than double/ some days I feel less than half,” reflecting all too well the fragile state of mind so many of us feel in today’s political climate. Other highlights include a gender-fluid love anthem (“Pearls”), a dark dance song about the harrowing car accident Perry survived last year (“Disco Bardo”), and an electro-feminist cover of Talking Heads inspired by the Kavanaugh hearings (“Born Under Punches”).

True to their DIY roots, If You Feel It was recorded entirely by the band in a Chicago basement and will be released independently on August 23, 2019