Golden Boots

Grounded in their mutual love of playful lo-fi tape recording ethos, Golden Boots playfully deconstructs Americana. The duo (Ryen Eggleston and Dimitri Manos) have been in constant motion creating music and visual art out of downtown Tucson, AZ for the last 20 years. 16 albums (and a smattering of singles & splits later), Golden Boots are back with their newest full length effort, Liquid Ranch, out on Pass Without Trace Records on April 28, 2022

Recorded & mixed in their garage studio, Liquid Ranch is a culmination of the lived-in Golden Boots aesthetic: a blending the late 80’s/90’s lo-fi movement and cassette culture with elements of 70’s country. Replete with hooks, rough hewn harmonies, the songs of Liquid Ranch are set loose to lurch and ramble in a unique sonic landscape littered with the absurd & sometimes dark wreckage of the American Psyche.

A sampling of comparisons to Golden Boots includes Tall Dwarves, Pavement, The Clean, Bingo Trappers, The Strapping Fieldhands, and The Feelies.