Giulia Millanta

Singer-songwriter, Giulia (Julia) Millanta, is a native-born Italian from Florence who now calls Austin, Texas home.

A creative and prolific artist, she has released six solo albums, touring  nationally throughout the USA and internationally. She has been called smart, pensive and cool, a female Tom Waits and a deeply evocative singer with a dash of Piaf, a sprinkle of Lady Day, a pinch of Norah Jones and a teaspoon of Madeleine Peyroux.

Giulia began her life in music as a child of eight years when taught to play guitar by her father she began to perform traditional folk songs. She continued to sing and began writing songs and making records. Performing at the Acoustic Guitar Meeting in Sarzana, Italy in the spring of 2010 her accomplished guitar style and songs earned her the “New Sounds Of Acoustic Music” award. This led to an endorsement by the renowned guitar makers Eko, choice of the most famous 60’s-80’s era singer-songwriters throughout Italy.

In 2008, she debuted with Giulia and the Dizzyness (Cavern Jatt Records.)

Then, in 2011, she released Dropping Down (Ugly Cat Music/Audioglobe) distinguished by her maturing skills as musician, producer, writer and arranger.

Deciding to expand her musical borders in 2012 she moved to Austin where she was soon embraced by the music community and its fans as a writer, collaborator and performer in the scene’s most prestigious singer-songwriter venues.

Shortly after she released Dust and Desire (Ugly Cat Music/Audioglobe.) Just a couple of years later in 2014 she broke new ground with The Funambulist (Ugly Cat Music). Surrounded by a host of new friends and fellow musicians as “between the lines” she conceptualizes the tightrope walk she has been through, writing and singing of all she has experienced, learned and become.

In 2016, Giulia released her fifth solo album Moonbeam Parade, 13 self-penned tunes fueled by a new direction on electric guitar. Produced by Giulia herself on her own label Ugly Cat Music, with her friend and producer George Reiff, with a stellar band featuring some of the best musicians in Austin, such as Charlie Sexton (Bob Dylan), Howe Gelb (Giant Sand), Glenn Fukunaga (The Dixie Chicks/The Chicks), Gabriel Rhodes  (Willie Nelson),David Pulkingham (Patty Griffin) and many more.

In 2018 Giulia released Conversation with a Ghost produced by herself and Gabriel Rhodes. The record also features talents like Marc Ribot (Tom Waits) on electric guitar, Joel Guzman (Paul Simon) on accordion, John Mills (David Byrne) on horns.

2018 was also a great year for awards for Giulia, since she won the Premio Ciampi for “Not You,” her version of Piero Ciampi’s song “Tu no” and was awarded with the Doc’s Blues Awards 2018 as BluesWoman of the year by Severn Fm Radio

Her seventh album, Tomorrow Is A Bird, is scheduled for release on October 16, 2020.

Giulia goes to bed late and she is a light sleeper… you can wake her up by simply staring at her
When she is asleep she dreams.

In her dreams, like in a surreal and cathartic short movie, she flies, she dances and floats in the dark night sky, she talks to animal headed creatures, she explores places she has never been to, she explores herself.
Her dreams become her songs, her stories, her reality.

“In a dream you can do what you want” which means that we all are free to reinvent ourselves and always start fresh, you can “follow the sound of your own feet” and “fly so high, above doubts, mistakes and failed attempts to die”.

Giulia’s 7th solo album is about re-evaluating life, about endings and beginnings, failures and opportunities, about changing direction, trusting that the wind will support your wings and get you where you need to go.

“Today is a Feather, Tomorrow is a Bird”