Gilded Audio

Gilded Audio is a creative audio studio that works collaboratively to bring digital audio projects to life. Run by Andrew Chugg, Executive Director, Whitney Donaldson, Director of Production + Development, Ivana Tucker, Producer + Strategist, and Samiah Adams, Head of Operations, Gilded Audio originals are characterized by authentic, passionate voices. In tone the shows are consistently fun and have a bit of an edge. They are respectful of listeners, are educational without feigned curiosity, and are produced with enthusiasm, dedication and journalistic integrity.

Gilded Audio has quickly made a name for itself working on innovative and entertaining podcasts such as 3 Girls, 1 Keith, hosted by Amy Schumer and friends Bridget Everett, Rachel Feinstein, and Keith Robinson, and Abuse of Powerhosted by award-winning journalist and criminal defense attorney, Sonya Pfeiffer, and her husband and law partner, David Rudolf who met while working the infamous Michael Peterson “The Staircase” trial.

Gilded Audio also makes original shows such as Get Money, a personal finance podcast for anyone who is done with confusing (and boring af) financial advice, and The Pet a wholesome NSFW audio piece narrated by Mara Wilson (Matilda, Mrs. Doubtfire, Welcome to Night Vale) with music by Brad Smith (Blind Melon, Abandon Jalopy).