“Kelly is amazing! She helped me come up with a great plan for my release and helped to secure a super premier for my track “Thunder Thighs” which really helped for it to blow up! One million views later I do not just have a super publicist but also a friend who listens to me and champions for my best interest. Not only did she help me secure great placements (NPR, The Cut and Jezebel to name a few) she also helped me proof read interviews to make sure I always put my best foot forward. I love having her as part of my team, and I would be lost without her!”

Shanthony Exum

Miss Eaves

“Kelly’s ability to fully understand a band’s vision and work to nurture and expand on it is unparalleled. Her communication is quick and transparent. She is thoughtful regarding who she selects to work with because she believes in and loves her artists. Her vast experience is evident in all that she does. Most importantly, she understands how difficult it can be to sell yourself as a band and not sound like an asshole.”

Mike Garrido

Leather Girls

“Kelly has a ton of musical knowledge, the right media contacts, and a strong work ethic — all of which translates into a great ability to generate awesome press for bands. She keeps her artist roster relatively small and dives into her bands’ records, which allows her to communicate in the right way with the right people — people who actually want to give your record a listen. Kelly is one of those rare humans who’s both easy to work with and super professional. We’d definitely recommend WolfieVibes to any artist who is looking for a brilliant publicist.”

Brandon Taj Hanick

Future Lives

“Kelly never made me feel insecure or small when I needed something explained to me, always happy to walk and talk me through the process. I truly feel like she helped me reach an audience I coudn’t get to on my own and the results exceeded my expectations in every way. It was a gas working with Kelly and I would recommend WolfieVibes to any artist who is only interested in working with people who are as passionate about their music as they are.”

Andy Plovnick

Rudy Stone

“Kelly was a pleasure to work with. In addition to setting a high baseline for organization and speediness, Kelly delivered on her promise to help my music reach the audiences I have been targeting. WolfieVibes is an excellent PR option for artists who want to work closely with their publicist.”

Taft Mashburn

“Kelly!! Thank you so so much. It was an absolute pleasure working with you. Ivory and I want to make another album just to work with you again.”

KT Niehoff

Eat the Apple

“Kelly truly understands my aesthetic which is key for a relationship between an artist and a publicist. Her communication is great and she will always have your back no matter what. I couldn’t recommend her enough!”

Max Skaff

Uncle Meg

“On behalf of the band, thanks for the work you did for us! You were a dream to communicate with and clearly heard our needs while also asserting the best move when you felt it was necessary.

We’ve worked with people who seemed to revel in making PR seem like a mystical craft and obscured everything from us. You were honest and open and showed us that it’s a grind like anything else and I dug that.”

Charles Rudoy


“Kelly and WolfieVibes have made my day many times over. She’s smart, trustworthy and a great communicator. Moreover, she’s maintained a sympathetic ear to my obtuse music. I’m happy to know her and happy to have her on my team.”

Max Drummey

“We’ve had Kelly’s help on an album and a single release spanning three years. Her services are affordable and allowed us to transcend the glut of music information on the internet and beyond the internet. It’s encouraging for us to know that no matter how out of step our music gets with the fashion of the day that she gets it and finds outlets who will too.”

Marc & Holly


“Kelly is the smartest, funniest, most trustworthy person I’ve dealt with in the world of publicity to date. She is extremely reliable, professional and kind, and I’ve had no concerns with her representing my personal brand within her own distinctive voice.


She’s strategically cunning and I know she’s bound to create positive reflections on myself and my band when dealing with outlets, which is a huge relief. Kelly has your back and you know it – that’s what makes working with her such an incredible pleasure.”

Freya Wilcox

Freya Wilcox & The Howl

“Kelly stays to her word, has a ton of experience, and is committed to helping artists and their projects for reasonable prices. Working with her has been a breath of fresh air in a realm where finding solid press for albums can be tough.”

Greg Rodrigue

Community Records

“Kelly McClure is definitely someone you want on your team. Kelly has a very clear mission and after one phone conversation I could tell I was in the right hands! She really goes above and beyond to make sure you get the most for what you pay. When we started working together I was unsure of the best idea for garnering attention, so Kelly kindly helped me devise a campaign strategy that not only got my band press but also gave new fans a reason to keep a close eye on us. My band received four big write ups in less than a month thanks to McClure. That’s what I call results!”

Dexter Gilmore

Sexy Dex and the Fresh

“There’s a lot of really awkward and unnecessary lengths musicians go through to be heard. Myriads of ridiculous websites with absurd fees, lotteries, spam emails, and just general bullshit are par for the course when you’re a band without a good publicist. Kelly made it possible for me to simply write and perform music for people who are actually listening. When the right people listen to your music, the right people write about your music and valuable opportunities arise from that process. Kelly understands that process and uses it to her clients’ benefit. I don’t know anyone who’s had such a positive, affordable experience with another publicist.”

Lindsey Baker

Guts Club