Rudy Stone

Leather Girls

Rudy Stone first began to notice how absurd his life in Long Island City felt in the summer of 2012. With access to a studio space just across Newtown Creek in Greenpoint, he quickly began to set his observations to music. Realizing his laconic delivery and gentle take on psychedelia wouldn’t be a great fit with either of his then-current projects (Lead Stones, Andy & Zeus), he played all the instruments himself and quickly set three tunes to tape. After a year of playing live with a revolving cast of friends, he brought some of his bandmates with him to The Bunker Studio in Williamsburg to record a proper single (Act Like Nothing is Wrong b/w So Tenderly). In 2014, life brought him to New Orleans and he returned to working on his own. The resulting EP, RSX, consisted of two songs recorded and mixed with Pro Tools in a Lake Vista bedroom and two songs recorded to tape in an Uptown living room.

Now, in 2017, Rudy Stone returns with his first full-length, The Blinking Light/Peace on Earth. Recorded once again at The Bunker in fits and starts over the course of a year, this new record represents a step forward both sonically and conceptually. The A-side is a seamless collection of songs showcasing his slice-of-life observations and advice to himself about how to be the best person he can be. If you listen carefully, there may be some lessons for you as well.

The B-side consists of a side-long instrumental reflecting his long time interest in analog synthesizers, echo devices, and drones.

This album will be released in cassette and digital formats via Moderate Fidelity on June 16, 2017.