Guts Club

Musician and video artist Lindsey Baker self-released her debut album, The Arm Wrestling Tournament in February 2015 and it caught a lot of ears. In a review from Tiny Mix Tapes they said “Baker carries a guitar the way Robert Frost carried a hatchet: as a tool through which tension and rage can be released,” and Paste said “The Brooklyn singer and songwriter behind Guts Club sings with piercing emotional intensity.”

She’s since moved from Brooklyn to her new home of New Orleans, where she recorded her second album Shit Bug, which was released on Moderate Fidelity Records on July 1, 2016

Where her debut dealt mostly with love, and hanging herself from her own intestines, the themes of Shit Bug shape an ongoing narrative about growing up weird, coming to terms with it, but always being trailed by it.

The title track was the first song Baker wrote upon moving to an insect filled swamp after living in the northeast all her life. It acknowledges a feeling of remoteness where she imagines laboring over a cart full of mud while constructing an island to escape to with an equally weird loved one, someone extra special that would appreciate living on a wet mound of mud as much as Baker would.

While maintaining true to the unique style of her debut, Shit Bug rounds out the songs of Guts Club by introducing upright bass, percussion, piano, lap steel, and trumpet. This is Baker’s first time recording with other musicians on an album, and the end result further adds to the mysterious complexity of what she brings to the table musically.