Georgia Dish Boys

Good Country Livin‘, the fourth album from Athens, GA based Georgia Dish Boys is as much a description of the album as it is a way of life. The songs feel effortless at first, but below the surface are illustrations on the complexities of love in its various forms. Songwriters Seth Martin, and more recently, Olivia Anderson, contribute visceral takes on the subject.

The songs embody small town Georgia life with “Meme,” a tribute to Martin’s 88 year old grandmother. In “What If,” Martin assures the listener that no matter what “I’d still love ya.” The title track, “Good Country Livin,” is an honest reflection of a dysfunctional family where Martin and Anderson admit “half of us are drunk and the rest of us are in pain.” Songs like “I Can’t Act (Like I Don’t Feel Good),” “Ain’t Losing Time,” and “Put My Records On” work as both geography and feeling, reminiscent of mid-‘70s Neil Young covering Gram Parsons between takes at a Stars & Bars barn session. The album is a notable contrast from their previous release, ‘Nine Song Movie,’ though Martin’s voice and Rob Hibbs’ guitar are still sharp as ever. Good Country Livin’ pours authenticity while showcasing vast creative growth from a group that just wants us all to “be ourselves and do the best we can.”

Look for Good Country Livin’ on July 9, 2019.