Starting out with a background primarily in music/pop culture journalism, owner/head publicist Kelly McClure started to branch out into PR work in the mid 2000s. An unexpected opportunity to manage in-house publicity for K Records led her to move from her home in New York, to Olympia, Washington. In later years she went on to work as a senior publicist for Riot Act Media, as well as for Team Clermont, before starting her own firm, WolfieVibes Publicity in 2016, which she operates from her office in New Orleans.

WolfieVibes Publicity celebrated its five-year anniversary in June 2021, and we couldn’t be happier with the roster of clients we’ve built, many who return with new projects yearly, and send referrals our way. We plan to expand in the years to come by branching out more into book publicity, art publicity, and podcast publicity.

We believe that artists should spend their time making things. Period. Our main focus is taking the work of pitching yourselves to publications (both print and online) off of your hands so you can continue focusing on what matters most. We respect your decision to share your stuff with us, and we promise to do all we can to share it with the rest of the world by getting it into the right hands.

What also makes us special is the fact that money is not our main focus (I know, pretty unbelievable). If we like your work enough to take you on as a client, we’ll work out a monthly fee that is comfortable for everyone involved.


Kelly McClure, owner and head publicist, wrote a post for The Creative Independent that breaks down what a publicist does, and why you should have one. This is a handy tool for any artist looking to make their first plunge into hiring PR.